Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jobgoal?

Jobgoal is a career transition and job search website for job seekers around the world.

General FAQ

Where can I view your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

Both of these can be viewed at any time by clicking their individual links in the footer of our website.

How can I contact someone with questions or concerns about the website?

You can fill out the form on our Contact Us page, or send an email to

Job Seeker FAQ

How can I apply for jobs on the Jobgoal?

First, you must create an account which will then become your “Jobseeker Login” for Jobgoal.

What do I need to apply for jobs on the Jobgoal?

Once you have created your Jobseeker Account, you will then simply head over to the “Job Search” section and begin your search. Once you find a job you are interested in applying for, click the “Apply Now” button to get started.



Do you have job alerts I can sign up for?

Yes, the Jobgoal has two types of job alerts available for our users.

The first is a “Job Match” which can be signed up for on the Job Search page. These alerts will provide you with an update whenever a new job matches your search or keywords of your choosing.

The second is a weekly “Job Alert” which comes with your subscription to our Weekly eNewsletter.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble with my Jobseeker Account?

You can send an email to or fill out the form on the Contact Us page. We suggest emailing for the quickest response.

Employer FAQ

How do I Post Jobs on the Jobgoal?

If you are interested in posting your job on the Jobgoal, send a message to with the subject line of “Job Postings” and a member of our team will reach out within 24 hours.



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